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On the login screen enter : hobbididance

Login, and goto your garden, in your seed bag you will have radiant Roxy rose.

Plant this along with two other seeds, Roxy will then grow.

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Q: Which seeds do you use to get Roxy moshi monsters?
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Can you use the code for Roxy twice in Moshi Monsters?

No, you can only use Roxy's code one time on Moshi Monsters.

What other two plants do you need to get Roxy the moshling on moshi monsters?

On Moshi Monsters, you can use any two other plants to get Roxy the moshling as long as you have the Radiant Roxy Rose.

What seeds do you use to get tomba on Moshi Monsters?

you cannot get tomba on moshi monsters by seeds,you have to be a moshi member and to do a mission in the volcano

Who do you get Roxy in moshi monsters if you are a non member?

The only way to get Roxy is if you use the code before you log in. The code is HOBBIDIDANCE and plant it, you can use two other seeds which doesn't matter. The next day you will have Roxy. Add me! organized1121

What is the code for Roxy if you have already used hobbididance on Moshi Monsters?

hobbididance is the only code you can use to get the Radiant Roxy Rose which you plant with any two other seeds to attract Roxy to your Moshling Garden. You can only use the code one time.

How do you get more than one Roxy rose on moshi monsters?

You can't. You can only use the code to get the Roxy roze once

What seeds do you use to get rofi on moshi monsters?

You have to finish a mission

How can you sell seeds and clothes on moshi monsters?

You can not sell seeds or clothes on Moshi Monsters. Save the seeds so that you can use them to attract more Moshlings. The clothes stay in your Dressing Room.

What three seeds do you use to get Nipper on Moshi Monsters?

Well first you need to have moshi monsters moshling zoo ds game to get the code for the seed then any two seeds

Is there a login code for iggy on moshi monsters?

No. You must use seeds

What plants have do you have to use to get Roxy in moshi monsters?

there is no combination when you log in at the very bottom where you type in secret codes write hobbididance then go to you,re garden open seeds there should be a flower called radiant Roxy rose plant that and 2 completely random random seeds come back the next day you should have Roxy. note this works for moshi members and non members.add me im issybubble haya766 add me

What code do you use on moshi monsters to get dj quake?

you dont use a code you use seeds