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make porygon hold and upgrade and then trade it.


That Is One Way, The Other Way Is to Have It Hold The Up-Grade And Level It Up.

Ah hah, i can answer this one. You need a data disk which is produced by silph co. first, then you give it to a porygon and trade it to something. DO NOT MIGRATE ON DIAMOND OR PEARL, it won't work as it isn't the same as trading.

Hope this helped!

** The 'data disk' mentioned above is called an Upgrade.

Which you can find in i think cerulean cave

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Q: How do you get Porygon2 on Pokemon FireRed?
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What do the upgrades do on Pokemon FireRed?

give it to a porygon and trade it to evole it into a porygon2

What does up grade do in Pokemon FireRed?

Used on porygon to evolve to porygon2

How do you evolve porigon on Pokemon FireRed?

Have it hold upgrade trade it to a friend then take it back to receive porygon2.

Pokemon FireRed UpGrade?

This item can be found in the game it can be used to evolve a Porygon to Porygon2 by trading it to someone.

Is porygon2 a strong Pokemon?

yes. porygon2 is a strong Pokemon

What type of Pokemon is Porygon2?

Porygon2 is a Normal type pokemon.

How do you evolve porigon2 on firered?

Porygon2 does not evolve.

How does Porygon evolve in pokemon firered?

In order to evolve Porygon into Porygon2, you must give it the Upgrade item and then trade it to another game.

What do you do with a up-grade in Pokemon FireRed?

Get a porygon from the gamecorner its 9,999 coins and then have it hold the up-grade then trade it to a friend and take it back it will be porygon2!

What is the upgrade from the trainer tower in FireRed for?

Evolving porygon into porygon2. Have porygon hold the upgrade then trade it. It will evolve into porygon2

What level does Porygon evolve into Porygon2 in Pokemon Red version?

Porygon2 is a 2nd gen pokemon and does not appear in Pokemon Red. That aside, both of Porygon's evolutions occur when you trade it while it holds certain item. Up-Grade for Porygon to Porygon2, and Dubious Disc for Porygon2 to Porygon-Z.

In Pokemon platinum how do you get Porygon2 without trade?

It is impossible to obtain a Porygon2 without trading. You can get a Porygon and trade it with an Up-Grade or you can get a Porygon2 from the GTS but there is no way to get Porygon2 without trading.