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just here to say...when i was little, i dreamed about a Pokemon Thunder Version. O.o

but WTF are you even talking about?

Are you talking about version Yellew where you get Pikachu as a starter and it follows you around? if not I agree with the person two lines above

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Q: How do you get Pokemon lightning version?
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How do i get surf in Pokemon - Lightning Yellow Version?

hm suft is in the secret house at the back end of the safari zone

Is there such a thing as a psychic-lightning Pokemon in red version and where do you find it?

Mr.Mime can learn electric moves and psychic moves.

What Pokemon's are strong against lightning tipe Pokemon?

rock Pokemon can beat lightning and lightning attacks do not effect rock Pokemon

Is there a Pokemon called lightning rod?

There isn't a Pokemon called "Lightning Rod", but there is a Pokemon ABILITY called "Lightning Rod". It makes any electric type move go to that certain Pokemon in MULTI BATTLES. Hope I helped!!!!!

What are the Pokemon that you can find in Pokemon lightning yellow?


What is the different about chidori and lightning blade?

chidori is an incomplete version of the lightning blade,the lighnting blade is an improved,complete and stronger version of the chidori

How do you find what version Pokemon ruby is?

Pokemon ruby's version IS Pokemon ruby.

What are the names of the new Pokemon games?

Pokemon Black Version & Pokemon White Version.

How do you get all three Pokemon on Pokemon Red version?

You can't, you can only do that on Pokemon yellow version

Can Pokemon Emerald version battle and trade with Pokemon Pearl version?


What is Pokemon Lugias ocean version?

A fake version of Pokemon gold

What Pokemon version have a mew and mew-to?

Pokemon Dark Cry version.