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fight wild Pokemon and like 1/20,000 chances ur Pokemon that u have with u will get it

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Q: How do you get Poke-Rus on Pokemon Platinum?
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What is pokerus in Pokemon Platinum?

pokerus is a virus thank is good for pokemon. it raises stats and hp.

In Pokemon platinum what does the smiley face mean on the summary?

It means that that certain Pokemon had pokerus and is no longer able to get pokerus again

How do you get pokerus on platinum diamond and pearl?

Pokerus happens at random, it is about as rare a finding a shiny pokemon.

How do you know when your Pokemon has pokerus in platinum?

like in any game go to your Pokemon party and check their summary. and if you a symbol that is pink and says "pkrs," that means your pokemon has pokerus.

What is pokerus and what does it do in Pokemon emerald and platinum?

Pokerus is a virus that infects your Pokemon. It catches this virus from a wild Pokemon that also has pokerus. If you keep a Pokemon with pokerus in you party, your other party members will also get this virus. However, this is a good virus as it doubles the EVs you earn from battles. Your Pokemon will eventually lose pokerus in four days but you can preserve it by keepin it in PC and allowing your other pokemons catching it.

How many Pokemon do you have to defeat in Pokemon platinum to get pokerus?

There is no certain number, It's just a rare occurance.

How to give your Pokemon pokerus on Pokemon Platinum?

Pokerus might be a diseased disease and it might effect all of your Pokemon, that's good! It makes all of your Pokemon stronger than it was before! It just randomly pops up on your Pokemon!

What does it mean if theres a face thing next to your Pokemon in Pokemon platinum?

It means your Pokemon has had pokerus, a very rare but beneficial disease.

Where can you find a wild Pokemon with pokerus in Pokemon Diamond?

you can't really tell if the Pokemon has pokerus i got my pokerus from random battle with a wild Pokemon if have pokerus and you want to spread with the other Pokemon you have will this to do it first put the Pokemon that have pokerus first in your party and the Pokemon you want to have pokerus in the second of your party

Pls give me a AR code pokerus in Pokemon platinum eng?

Is there a pokerus code in Pokemon Platinum English if you have one pls tell me the code?

try to google .pokemon platinum action replays and search for it, i want one but dont know the code

How do poke'mon get pok'rs?

Pokemon get the Pokerus from batting wild Pokemon that have the Pokerus. Chances of you batting a wild Pokemon with the Pokerus are 3 in 65,536.