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you have to have Pokemon emerald in ur gba cartrige slot and go to route 207 and look a little bit and u will find him

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Q: How do you get Pineco in Pokemon Pearl?
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How do you get pineco on Pokemon Pearl?

Pineco can be caught in Routes 203, 204, 210 and 229, and Eterna Forest using Dual-Slot mode with Pokemon Emerald.

What type of Pokemon is pineco?

Pineco is a Bug type pokemon.

How do you catch pinneco on Pokemon Pearl?

You need to have Pokemon Emerald inserted into the DS and then you can find Pineco at several location. See Related Link for details.

Where is pineco in Pokemon FireRed?

Trade pineco from emerald or colosseum.

How do you get pineco on Pokemon Heart Gold?

You get pineco by headbutting trees.

Where can you get forretress in Pokemon HeartGold?

To get Forretress you need to evolve a Pineco. To get a Pineco you need a Pokemon that knows Headbutt. Use Headbutt on a tree and a Pokemon will fall out. This can be a Pineco. Ilex Forest is an example where you can come upon Pineco by headbutting treees.

What level does pineco evolve In Pokemon white?

pineco --lvl.31--> forretress

When does Pineco evolve in Pokemon HeartGold?

Pineco evolves into Forretress at Level 31.

How do you get a pineco?

Pineco is a bug type of Pokemon. You can find one in Pokemon Gold and Silver version by using headbutt on trees.

Where do you catch Pineco in pokemon soulsilver?

Use headbutt on trees and Pineco may fall out.

What level those Pineco evolve in Pokemon silver?

pineco evolves at lv.28

How do you get forretress in Pokemon Pearl?

You need to get a Pineco to evolve into it at level 31. You can get a Pineco after reciving the National Pokedex at the end of the game and inserting an Emerald cartridge into your DS. They will become available at Routes 203, 204, 210, 229 and Eterna Forest.