How do you get Pikachu in crystal?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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route 2 in the kanto world they are very low level or evolve a pichuwhich you may ger in the mysterious egg

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Q: How do you get Pikachu in crystal?
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What does a crystal Pikachu look like?

a raichu on meth

Where can you find a Pikachu in Pokemon Crystal?

Pikachu is found in Route 2or you can buy one at the celadon game corner for 2,222 coins.

How do you get Raikou in Pokemon Crystal?

you can't.cause pichu evoles into pikachu then evoles into raichu

Where can you find Pikachu in crystal?

on route 2 and in the celadon gamecorner, for 2.222 coins.

Where do you get a Pikachu in crystal?

It is in Route 2 or get it from Celadon City Game Corner for 2,222 coins.

At what level does Pikachu learns thunderbolt in crystal version?

sorry dude but i dont think pikachu can learn thunder bolt by levleing i think u need the tm pikachu actually learns it at lvl 26

Can you get Pikachu as a starter in crystal?

No. You choose from Cyndaquile, totodile, or chikorita, just like silver and gold versions.

Where do you find pikachu in Pokemon Crystal in Game Boy?

You find it at Route 2, which is north of Viridian City.

Where do you get Pikachu in Johnto?

Pikachu is not native to the Johto region. If you are playing Soul Silver / Heart Gold / Silver / Gold / Crystal, you must first gain access to the kanto region after defeating the elite four and getting the national dex. You can then meet Pikachu in Viridian Forrest.

What moves does Pikachu should learn in Pokemon crystal?

It can usually learn egg moves. They are moves they get from there mum and dad Pokemon such as volt tackle, which can be gained when giving a light orb to the father Pikachu before breeding.

Where do you find Pikachu in Pokemon Crystal?

It can be found on Route 2, where Viridian Forest used to be, or coin purchase from Celadon Game Corner.

Where to get Pikachu in Pokemon Crystal?

I have to admit, I don't know Pokémon Crystal, which means I don't have this game, but in Pokémon Silver(which I have), I beat the Indigo League in Kanto, and my Pokédex tells me that Pikachu was on Route 2 or something. Your Pokédex will tell you where Pikachu is too, by going to Kanto, look at the info for Pikachu, select Area, it'll say AREA UNKNOWN, but if you press the -> button on the Control Pad, it'll show Kanto, and look for the monster picture on the map. That is where you'll find Pikachu in Pokémon Silver! P.S. I got two Pikachu(both of them were different gender) and put both of them in the Pokémon Day Care below Goldenrod City, and later I got an Egg. Now my egg has hatched into a Lv. 5 Pichu!