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You can't catch Mamoswine in that form in SoulSilver, but you can catch a Swinub on the Ice Path in SoulSilver, and evolve it to Piloswine at level 33, and then level it up after it knows the move Ancient Power.

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Q: How do you get Mamoswine on Pokemon SoulSilver?
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How does piloswine evolves into mamoswine in Pokemon soulsilver?

Yes, but only if you teach it ancient power.

Is mamoswine a legendary?

No Mamoswine is not a legendary Pokemon

Is mamoswine a legendary Pokemon?

that depends on what moves you teach it! =)

How do you catch mamoswine on Pokemon HeartGold?

You must evolve a Piloswine to have a Mamoswine.

What is the mamoswine code for Pokemon global link?

The code for Mamoswine is POKEMONDOTCOM.

What level does swinub evolve in Pokemon soulsilver?

Swinub evolves into Piloswine at level 33. After that Piloswine can evolve into Mamoswine if it levels up while knowing the move AncientPower.

What level does Mamoswine evolve at in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Mamoswine doesn't evolve either way because it doesn't exist in Pokemon LeafGreen. It evolves from Piloswine who evolves from Swinub, but Piloswine can't evolve into Mamoswine in LeafGreen.

How do you get to Mamoswine for Wii in Pokemon Pikachu's Adventure?


What is the national pokedex number for Mamoswine?

Mamoswine is #473 in the national pokedex, and it is a Ice-Ground type Pokemon.

How do you get mamoswine in leaf green?

you can't get mamoswine in Pokemon leaf green because it doesn't exist in leaf green

Is mamoswine on Pokemon FireRed?

If you want Mamoswine from FRLG? Catch the Swinub on FRLG first. Them Transfer to DPPt or HGSS from Pal Park.

Which of dawn's Pokemon evolve?

swinub into poloswine and then poloswine evolves into mamoswine . that is the Pokemon of dawns .