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U get all the Pokemon

you can't go to the johto region in pkmn ruby/Sapphire

you can only do that in Pokemon emerald

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Q: How do you get Johto in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire?
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Where can i find johto Pokemon?

in Pokemon ruby, sapphire and emerald

How do you get the johto starter Pokemon in sapphire?

Only emerald can get a johto starter however you can trade the johto shadow Pokemon from Pokemon colosseum then breed them in sapphire to get the johto starters you can also trade the johto starters directly from Pokemon xd gale of darkness.

What Pokemon games can you get a totodile?

You can get Totodile In Pokemon FireRed(Johto Starters).In GBC You cant get IN Pokemon Gold,Silver,Crystal.Not sure if in Ruby,Sapphire Emerald.

How do you get the Johto Pokemon onto Pokemon Diamond?

migrate the Pokemon from past game boy advanced games like emerald, firered, leafgreen, sapphire and ruby.

How do you trade Pokemon from johto to Hoenn?

You can't because Pokemon gold, silver and crystal, which are in johto are on gameboy colour and Pokemon ruby, sapphire and emerald, which are in hoenn are on gameboy advance. Pokemon shiny gold, which is also in johto is on gameboy advance but it isn't an official Pokemon video game.

Trade johto starters platinum?

Obtain 200 Pokemon in Pokemon ruby, sapphire or emerald, then go to professor birch and you get to choose one of the johto starters, then you migrate the starter you chose to Pokemon, diamond, pearl, or platinum.

Is their a way to duplacate Pokemon in Pokemon ruby?

not in ruby or sapphire

Pokemon blue what is the ruby?

Pokemon blue to ruby is sapphire.

Pokemon LeafGreen what does ruby use for?

Combined with the sapphire the ruby and sapphire will allow you to trade with ruby and sapphire and emerald.

Where do you get johto starters on Pokemon ruby?

you can't. You have to get them from Pokemon colosseum.

Where can you downlaod Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire pinball?

u can download the pokemon ruby and sapphire pinball in

How do you get johto Pokemon on ruby?

The best and easiest way to get Pokemon from Johto in Pokemon Ruby is to trade them over from other games (Gold and Silver). Pokemon from Johto can be obtained in the same generation Pokemon Emerald after the player completes the National Pokedex.

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