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1: First, beat the Elite 4 with ONLY a "Deoxys and a Jirachi (you got from a trade).

2: Next, go to the Wellspring Cave and go down the stairs and Jirachi will be an encounter in any random swirling dust.

3: Enjoy :D

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Q: How do you get Jirachi in black and white?
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How do you get jirachi in Pokemon Black and White?

You can't catch Jirachi.

Where can you get a Life Orb in Pokemon Black and White 2?

you get it from jirachi

How do you make jirachi give you a wish on white?

You cannot make Jirachi give you a wish in Pokémon White.

Can you get jirachi in mystery gift in Pokemon white 2?


Where do you catch jirachi in Pokemon White?

You can't, you need to trade.

How do you get jirachi in Pokemon black?

the event might be comming soon

What Pokemon can learn the move doom desire in Pokemon white version?

JIRACHI and only jirachi can learn it because only physic and steel together can make this move

Who will be willing to trade me a Celebi im offering a wishmaker jirachi my friend code is 1376 2644 0857 name Holly it is on diamond version go unlimited jirachi?

I have an event Celebi from gamestop that gives you zorua in pokemon white and black and it's at level 54 and it's from my Heart Gold version. I just have two questions what level is the Jirachi and when can you trade? My friend code is 1893 2781 5484 and my name is Josh.

Can you catch jirachi on Pokemon Ruby?

go on moosdeep city and go up, and when you see the girl near on the white rock talk to him and da girl give you the wish tag and put the wish tag on white tag then jirachi come down.

You heard you can get jirachi in sapphire with a relicanth dig and the white rock by the space station?

No, I haven't. Does it work?

What can you do with a Jirachi?

Well you could trade it over from Pokemon coliseum that's how I did it! If you do not do that is action replay time!AnswerWell what you can do is get a wishing tag or something like and got to this place where they have a white rock use the wishing tag on Jirachi or the white rock and your wish will come true.

How do you find a jirachi in Pokemon Black?

You need to trade for it or transfer it from the older Pokemon DS games.