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you get it from jirachi

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Q: Where can you get a Life Orb in Pokemon Black and White 2?
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Can you find the white orb in Pokemon White?

No. its is like pearl and diamond where you can only get one of the other depending on the version. on Pokemon white you get the black orb so you can get the legendary Zekrom, on Pokemon black you get the white orb so you can get the legendary Reshiram.

How do you find the black orb in Pokemon white?

No idea. Have not heard of any 'Black Orb', ever, until now.

Can you get the black orb on Pokemon White and how?

when you get the last badge professor jupiner will contact you over the tranxaver and says ... will you go to the nacering city then when you go there the champing and your rivals plus the professor and the professor's dad saids blah blah blah blah and gives you the black orb (depends about the game if you have black white orb white black orb) . good luck

What do you do with the adamant or griseous orb and luster orb in Pokemon black and white?

It has the same effect as in Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum: boosts the power of certain types of moves.

Pokemon diamond where can you get black steel orb?

There is not such item called "black steel orb".

Why do the shadow triad give you the adamant orb the lustrous orb and the griseous orb?

In black and white, if you ever get the legendary Pokemon Palkia, Dialga, and Giratina, you can give them the orbs, and they'll be stronger.

What is the best item for a pokemon to hold in Pokemon black and white?

leftovers life orb (in some occasions) quick claw any accuracy+1 item choice specs (only for certain strategies)

How do you use the lustrous orb in Pokemon black?

You give the lustrous orb to Garitina.

Where do you get Resheram Pokemon black?

You have to get the white orb. then when you beat the elite four and go to alder n is there. later when you battle him reshiram comes out of the orb I hope this helped! :) rabidrabit

How do you find the white orb in pokemon heart gold?

It attracts a ledendary pokemon.

How do you find orb of weakening?

Well it your talking about the life orb in black or white you can buy it with bp in the sub way station shop buy a train the right one I think.

What do the colors of a orb mean?

White- A white orb means a angel is protecting you. Black- A black orb means a evil ghost is upon you. Gray- (no one knows). Blue- A angel Pink- A angel Green- (no one knows) NO ORB AT ALL