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Q: How do you get Eevee on pokemon black?
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Can you find an eevee in Pokemon black and white?

Eevee cannot be found in pokemon black or white, and must be traded to be obtained.

Where is eeve in Pokemon Black and White?

Unfortunatly, you cannot get Eevee in Pokemon Black or White. :(

Are their Eevees in Pokemon Black and White?

There are no Eevee in Pokemon Black and Whiteunless you trade them which I have no idea how to do.

What Pokemon uses a thunder stone in Pokemon black?

Pikachu,eevee,and if you have Pokemon black or white you can evolve a Pokemon called electrik to Elecktross using a Thunderstone

How many Eevee can you catch in Pokemon Black and White 2?

Since Eevee is a wild pokemon in Black and White 2 you can catch as many Eevee as you'd like. Eevee's can be found in the Castelia Park at the end of the Castelia Sewers.

Where can you get an Eevee in Pokemon lake?

You can't get eevee in the wild in pokemon black. So? Once you finish the first part of the game (after beating Ghetis), go to the pokemon transfer lab and transfer your eevee from older DS pokemon version's to black. NT: Once you transfer a pokemon to black or white, you wont able to do the reverse

Where do you get a wild Eevee in the original Pokemon white?

You cannot catch a wild eevee in black or white

What Pokemon evolves with the fire stone in pokemon black?

Vulpix, Growlithe, and Eevee.

How do you make Eevee evolve in Pokemon black?

by painting it black i don't know

Are thre any new Eevee evolutions in Pokemon black and white?

None of the Pokemon from any other generations have any new forms in Black and White. No. Eevee did not get a new evolution.

Where do you catch Eevee in Pokemon White?

It cannot be caught in Pokemon white but can be transferred from a generation IV game.You aren't able to catch a wild Eevee in pokemon white or black, you have to trade it from a different pokemon game with Eevee as a catchable pokemon. Hope that helped :)

Which Pokemon can evolve by using a firestone in Pokemon black?

Vulpix, Growlithe, Eevee, and Pansear.