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Switch it off & try again by not saving save the game outside of this Thingymawhat place.

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Q: How do you get Darkrai in Pokemon if you already killed it?
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Can you make darkrai reappear at new moon island after you have already caught darkrai using an action replay code in Pokemon diamond?


What Pokemon evolves into Darkrai?

No Pokemon evolves into darkrai.

How do you catch dakiri in Pokemon Platinum?

If you're talking about Darkrai, you don't get Darkrai unless you go to the Darkrai event, which already happened, but there might be another one coming up, although i do not know when.

Do you get Darkrai as a partner Pokemon in Pokemon Rangers Shadow of Alima?

no,you get darkrai as a friend pokemon.

Is Darkrai the 2 strongest Pokemon?

no, and darkrai is one pokemon. haha

Were is Darkrai in Pokemon Pearl?

You dont catch Darkrai in Pokemon Pearl. You can catch it in Pokemon Platinum at level 40.

How do you find Darkrai on Pokemon Ruby?

Darkrai is a Pokemon from Generation IV, and Pokemon ruby is a game from Generation III , so you can only get darkrai in Pokemon Platinum, Diamond or Pearl

Is Darkrai a ledgendary Pokemon?

Darkrai is not a legendary Pokemon check in the Pokemon Ultimate Handbook and go on Darkrai and it doesn't say legendary under it's name.

How do you find a Darkrai if you killed it?

every legendry Pokemon or Pokemon that u can only get one chance to catch you go to twinleaf town you cannot KILL a Pokemon! you can only make it faint. Anyways.. if you defeated Darkrai then theres no way you could find another one.

Where do you find Darkrai in Pokemon platimun?

You can only find Darkrai through a Pokemon Event.

How do you lose the 5th gym badges in Pokemon Darkrai version?

There is no Pokemon darkrai version!

How do you get a Darkrai in Pokemon Ranger Shadows of Almia?

You can't have a Darkrai as your friend pokemon, I think, but the final boss at Altru Tower is a Darkrai.