How do you get DSi points?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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If you are reffering to the points used in the DSi shop, then they must be purchased.

From the DSi shop, click 'Start Shopping', then 'Add Nintendo DSi Points'. You have a choice then of purchasing using a credit card, or redeeming a Nintendo Points Card. If you pay with a credit card they cost £9 for 1000, £18 for 2000, or £27 for 3000.

You are also given an introductory 1000 points for free when you first use the DSi shop.

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Q: How do you get DSi points?
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Related questions

How many dsi points do you have to have to get a dsi?

you cannot get a dsi with dsi points

Do any Dsi points come with the Dsi?

yes. 1,ooo points come with the DSI for the DSI shop.

Can you get free dsi points?

Yes you can when you get Internet on your DSi go to the store on your DSi and you get 1000 DSi points for free.

What do you do if your dsi does not give you 1000 free dsi points?

call gamestop. you can do that and you can get the Internet on your dsi and you get 1000 points for free. or log your club Nintendo on your dsi shop by linking it to your dsi shop and you get 1000 free dsi points

How do you get free dsi ware points?

You get some free points when you buy a DSi XL. same answer

How many DSI shop points does the DSI XL have?

Dsi's don't come with dsi shop points. You need to actually buy them with real money.

Is it true you get free Nintendo DSi points when you get a dsi?

Yes, you will get a free 1000 Nintendo dsi points when you buy your new dsi. There is some dsiware for free (0 points), some dsiware for 200 points, some dsiware for 500 points and some dsiware for 800 or more points.

Can you download DSi points?

You cannot download DSi points. You will have to buy the point card from a store (such as Best Buy or Future Shop) and then enter the code to get DSi points.

Who invented Nintendo DSi Points?

The dsi company...

Does club Nintendo give you Nintendo DSi points?

You can redeem club nintendo points for DSi/Wii points, yes.

Do dsiware games let you earn dsi points?

You can't earn DSi points you have to buy them.

How much does DSi points cost?

DSi Points, like Wii Points, cost $20 for 2,000. In other words, one DSi Point costs one cent.