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Its impossible unless you went to an event in 2006.

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Q: How do you get Celebi without a action replay in heart gold?
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Where do you capture Celebei in Pokemon Heartgold?

Im sorry to say but you can not catch the legenedry celebi in Pokemon heart gold but you can get action replay and type in the code for action replay to catch celebi or you could go to the next celebi event

Where to catch celebi on heart gold and soul silver?

It was a Mystery Gift event in the past 2010, they aren't giving out Celebi anymore, though. So you may wanna use Action Replay to get it or trade with someone who has Celebi. Celebi cannot be caught in the wild or any special place.

How do you get mew in Pokemon heart gold without action replay?

you can trade

How do you get Celebi and transfer it to Pokemon Black?

Celebi was an event during 2011 in Pokemon Soul Silver, Heart Gold, Pearl, Diamond, Platnium. But now it already passed. Maybe they'll get an event for Celebi for Pokemon Black and White. You can also use the Action Replay and get the code for Celebi.

How do you fill up the natinol pokedex eaisly with out an action replay on heart gold?

Without an Action Replay, there is no easy way to fill the National Pokedex.

What is the action replay code for celebi for Pokemon heart gold English version?

i donno argh argh argh argh i ndonno i hope i helped lol

How do you get Celebi in hartgold?

To get a celibi in Pokemon heart gold or soul silver you have to do a wi-fi event. And another way to get a celibi is to have action replay. Hope this helps! :)

Action replay code for the celebi event in Pokemon heart gold?

this is it: 52247d8c 582000c0 12247d8a 00004801 02247d8c e0021c39 02247d90 000000fb d2000000 00000000

999 rare candy cheat code for Pokemon heart gold without action replay?

It is impossible to get 999 rare candy's without action replay. NO IT IS POSSIBLE IF YOU HAVE GAMESHARK AND A ROM FOR IT!!!!

How do you get Ho-oh on platinum without the action replay?

trade from heart gold or soul silver

Does action replay have Pokemon Heart Gold in the codelist?

action replay max does but shouldn't(does not work) and i am not sure if the regular action replay does.

Can you get arcues on Pokemon heart gold without mystery gift or action replay?

i don't think u can