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u cant catch celebi in soul silver or heart gold there was an event but not anymore if u got that event and u had black version or white version u could of got zorua but the event is over i got it on the first day it came out but i think there will be another celebi event in the future if there is i will tell u when it starts and when its over or visit to get all the latest events

cyndaquil831 is out

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Q: How do you get Celebi in soul silver?
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When and how do you get Celebi in soul silver?

You can trade your Pokemon for a celebi.

Where to catch a Celebi in soul silver?

Celebi cannot be caught in SoulSilver.

Where do you get Celebi on Pokemon Gold and silver?

where do you get celibi in soul silver

What are the events in soul silver?

Arceus celebi

What is the rarest pokimon you can get in soul silver?

Maybe celebi...

Can you breed an alakazam with anything to get Celebi in soul silver?


Is it possible to catch Celebi in soul silver?

Yes, it is possible to get celebi but you need to have the Japanese version.

Roaming Celebi code for soul silver?

Look for it in google in order to find the celebi event

Where to find Celebi in soul silver?

you can only get it with game shark

How do you find Celebi in Pokemon soul silver?

very carefully

How do you get Celebi on soul silver?

It is an poke event you might get it or might not

Will there be an event to get Celebi in Heart Gold and Soul Silver?

yes their will be