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Getting Celebi in SilverTo get Celebi , you have to have the National Dex then go to Azeala town. you have to have a certain apricorn to get a GS Ball. when you get it Kurt will say that it shook when he was done. now go to the shrine and put the GS Ball in the shrine. Celebi will swoop down and attack you. Celebi is at Lv. 30 but I don't know its moves but it is a Psychic- Grass type. bring a Fast Ball , Ultra Balls, Great Balls, and do NOT use your Master Ball because it will be a total waste and its only Lv. 30 and extremely fast so only a few Fast Balls could catch it really easy. also check YouTube for videos about how to catch a Celebi. you can also use cheats to get Celebi, Mew, Mewtwo and other rare Pokemon.

Easier way, legal and intended by the game creators: You can get Celebi totally legal in Silver by catching all 26 Unowns, then go to the Scientist's House and press the machine. Then go into the Ruins of Alph and tune into the radio station "??????" go around and you'll meet Celebi Lv. 5 :)

Bonus information: If you have Celebi as the first Pokemon in your party, then all the Pokemon you meet will be Celebies, also the trainer's, and people will be weird coloured. Strange but true. Tried it myself, and it worked.

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Q: How do you get Celebi in Pokemon Silver?
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