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give it a spooky plate to change it but try out with other plates as well it gives it different colours and changes his main attack (jujment) exmple: give it zap plate and the att will be elctric. hope this helps

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Q: How do you get Arceus in curse type?
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Which is the most famous Pokemon?

Well each legendary can be strong, depending on how you train it. But I would say that Arceus is the strongest because it can be any type. Even the "???" type, like the move curse. Arceus cannot be the "???" type unless hacked. But yes, Arceus is the strongest legendary in terms of stats.

Can someone make me an Action Replay ds codes for Pokemon diamond that allows you to get the version of Arceus where his type is the same type as the move curse type?

curse is a no type move but i might know how it has to be ghost psychic or normal hope that helps c:

What are arceus' types?

arceus is normal type

What type of Pokemon is Arceus?

Arceus is a Normal-type Pokémon but if you give it plates to hold it will change its type to the plate's type.

What type Arceus do you need to do the Arceus event?

Ice/fire/rock/water/eletrick or physic arceus

How do you draw the Pokemon Arceus?

Go to and in the searchBox type in Arceus

What beats Arceus?

Pretty much any Fighting-type Pokemon, as Arceus is a Normal-type Pokemon.

Is it easy to defeat Arceus?

sort of arceus is a normal type pokemon if it holds a late it can change its type to the plate's type fighting type moves are super effective against the arceus hope i could help!

What type is an Arceus without a Plate in Pokemon?

Arceus is a just a Normal type until a plate is given for it to hold

How do you get Arceus with action replay for pearl?

First you type in 2847739057 and type 284743849 on the lower section and call it arceus

What Pokemon is Arceus in Pokemon Pearl?

Arceus Is Normal type...But Its Multi-type Ability Makes It Become The Type Of The Plate... That It If You Give Arceus Flame Plate..It Will Become Fire Type And Give Him Draco Plate It Will Become Dragon Type...And So On

What kind is Arceus?

Arceus is a normal type. however if you give it one of the special plates you find it will turn into the type the plate is.