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You train it up to level 16, and then it evolves into Kadabra

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Q: How do you get Abra to evolve in Pokemon FireRed?
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What level does alakazam evolve in Pokemon FireRed?

Alakazam doesn't evolve he is the final evolution of abra.

What level does Abra evolve at in firered?

Abra evolves at level 16 into Kadabra.

When does Abra evolve on Pokemon tower defense?

Abra will evolve at level 16.

Where can you catch alakazam in Pokemon FireRed?

well u see u catch an Abra and evolve it to alakazam and then u have it my friend told me this

How do you get kadabra in Pokemon FireRed?

Catch a Abra or win it from the game corner and then lve it up to something like level 16 and it will evolve into Kadabra.

Where do you get Mr Mime in Pokemon FireRed?

You can trade an Abra for Mr. Mime in a house on Route 3 in Pokemon FireRed.

What level does Abra evolve in pokemon ruby?

Abra evovles into kadabra at lv 16

Does Ditto evolve on Pokemon FireRed?

ditto does not evolve on firered or leafgreen

How do you evolve murkrow in Pokemon FireRed?

You cannot evolve Murkrow in FireRed.

At what level does Abra evolve in Pokemon Yellow?


What level does Abra evolve on Pokemon LeafGreen?


How do you evolve alakazam in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Abra only evolves twice: into Kadabra and Alakazam. Alakazam does not evolve, as it is the final form of Abra.