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1st.Capture all 493 Pokemon which means from Bulbasaur to Arceus, sorry u don't need mew celebi arceus jirachi deoxys shaymin darkrai phione and manaphy giving a total of 484 Pokemon.

2nd.Get all shiny leaves, you find it when your Pokemon is in some grass and you talk to it but it is VERY RARE.Check for routes.

3rd. Defeat all 10 records in the pokeathlon.

4th. Get 100 straight wins in the battle tower NO LOSES.

5th.Beat the elite four once.



this isn't entirely true. after i beat Red on Mt. Silver i noticed i had another star. so that's definitely a way 2 get 1 star. although i haven't finished the others to confirm them. but I'm going 2 warn u. Red is VERY VERY powerful, only go up there if u know u can beat him. and I'm not talking about getting some high-level 70s, no u will be destroyed. u have 2 have like level 85s, AT LEAST level 85s, cuz he has an 88 right off the bat, they go up 2 at least 90. so have plenty of revives and full restores. my recommendation would be to have a Darkrai that knows Dark Void and Dream Eater

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Q: How do you get 5 stars on your trainer card on Pokemon soul silver?
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Where are the stars located on a Pokemon trainer card?

The stars are located on the top of the card on Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire.

In Pokemon platinum what do the stars on your trainer card do?

The stars on your trainer card have absolutely no use whatsoever except for showing off to others. The stars also change the color of your trainer card.

How many stars can there be on your Pokemon diamond trainer card?

5 stars

What is the black card on Pokemon platinum?

The black card is your trainer card with I think 5 stars

What happens when you get every Pokemon in fire red an d show it to professor oak?

if you complete your dex you get silver trainer card if you copmplete national you get gold trainer card.

Where is the id number on Pokemon Silver?

The ID No. is on the top left corner on the front of the trainer card.

How do you get the gold trainers card in Pokemon pearl?

Well, it's certainly not easy:The Red Card (No Star) : You start with this as soon as you become a Pokemon Trainer.2. The Blue Card (One Star) : Obtained when you have defeated the Pokemon League.3. The Bronze Card (Two Stars) : Win all the Master Rank Contests.4. The Silver Card (Three Stars) : Complete the Underground minigame (friend needed).5. The Gold Card (Four Stars) : Capture 482 different Pokemon (completing the National Dex).6. The Black Card (Five Stars) : Win 100 times in a row in the Battle Tower.

Were do you find jirachi in Pokemon emerald?

In outer space after getting 5 (five) stars on your trainer card.

How can your trainer card get two stars in soul silver?

One way is to collect Shiny Leaves, which are extremely rare.

What are stars on Pokemon pearl?

there on the back of your trainer card when you get all five stars you'll be more respected and nurse joy will change too

How can you have a stars in your trainer card in sapphire?

to get stars achieve the following: beat the elite 4, catch all the hoenn pokemon, catch all the johto pokemon, catch all the kanto pokemon.

How do you get different colours for your trainer card in Pokemon platinum?

Catch a certain amount of Pokemon and defeat the elite four to change your card from copper to bronze to silver then gold.