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The black card is your trainer card with I think 5 stars

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Q: What is the black card on Pokemon platinum?
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What do you do on full moon island in Pokemon platinum?

You need action replay or the black card.

Is there a Pokemon platinum a black trainer card AR code?

i don't know yet -_________________________________________________-!

Is there a Pokemon Platinum action replay code for the black trainer card?

no there is no cheat that helps you complete the trainer card.

Can Pokemon Black 2 and platinum battle?

No, but you can import Platinum Pokemon to Black.

When will the Pokemon card shaymin card come out?

It is out in 2010 Pokemon Platinum

How do you trade into platinum from black by beating the elite four?

you can transfer Pokemon from Pokemon platinum to black and white but you can't trade from black to platinum

Is a black Macy's card better than a platinum card?

a platinum card is better.

When do you get to trade Pokemon blacks pokeon to Pokemon Platinum Pokemon?

You can never trade Pokemon from Black to Platinum, because Generation V Pokemon do not appear in Platinum or any other game before Black and White. However, you an transfer Pokemon from Platinum to Black after you beat the game.

How do you get kyogar in Pokemon Platinum?

Migerat it or trade it. You can't use the cheat card on Pokemon platinum.

How do you trade black and white Pokemon to platinum?

You can't, you only can transfer Pokemon Platinum Pokemon to Black and White. I repeat, YOU CAN'T.

Can you trade Pokemon from Pokemon black or white virsion to Pokemon platinum version?

No, but you can transfer from platinum to black or white using poketransfer of relocater.

Can you trade Pokémon from Pokémon Black on to Pokémon Platinum?

no you cannot't trade Pokemon from Pokemon black to Pokemon platinum or any past games.