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u sell ur master ball and than u restart it and u really get 900 rare candies

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Q: How do you get 100 rare canddies without AR?
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How do you get unlimited rare candies on platinum without AR?

you cant get unlimeted rare candies without ar

Where do get rarecandys from in pearl 999 without ar?

the only way to get 999 rare candys is with the ar

Can you duplicate rare candies in Pokemon soul silver?

no you can't without an AR.

How do you do a rare candy glitch on Heart Gold soul silver platinum Diamond or Pearl No AR?

There is none without ar!

In Pokemon Diamond is there an AR code that gets you a rare candy and if you use it the Pokemon will turn level 100 on one rare candy?

Yes, but you need to update your AR on the computer. It's tricky!

How do you get 100 percent on AR tests without trying?


Where do you find a lvl 100 mew without ar or event?

you cant

Where do you get Togepi in diamond Pokemon without ar or trading?

Rare, you have to use the Pokeradar on Route 230 to find it.

How do you get all Pokemon in your party to lv 100?

use ar and get rare candies or level them up old fashioned

Code for pokerus without action replay?

sorry you use a ar to type codes but you can get a pokerus Pokemon without ar but like shinies it's rare and it is more challenging than shinies but eventually you will get it

The best Pokemon on pearl without ar?

Any Legendary at LVL 100.

Is there a easy way to get rare candys in Pokemon platinum without AR?

There's always the lottery and the Easter egg.