How do you get 10000 tix and robux in roblox?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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You either, earn them by getting loads of people on your game, or you get BC/TBC/OBC and get them from t-shirt sales and daily robux. Sorry guys, you cant hack Roblox.

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Q: How do you get 10000 tix and robux in roblox?
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How much is one robux worth in tix in roblox?

One robux is worth 10 tix. Trade on robux for 8 tix. Trade 10 tix for 1 robux. Go to young1gun profile and go to my place to get more tix. I got 1000 tix on it once.

How many robux will 20 tix give you?


How much does robux give you in tix in roblox?

It depends. But Tix or Tickets are usually 1 Tenth of Robux. For example: 1 Robux = 10 Tix 10 Robux = 100 Tix 100 Robux = 1000 Tix and so on and so forth...

R there roblox money cheats?

Well do you mean in game cheats, or robux or tix cheats? Contact bigboy5668 on ROBLOX, he can tell you cheats but you will not get banned he will not say any for robux or tix, as it is against the rules to cheat for robux and tix.

How do you get tix and robucks on Roblox?

you automaticly earn tix and you can trade them for robux in trade currency. or you can get bc and earn automatic robux

Can you sell shirts hats pants on roblox and get robux?

You can't Robux by selling items, instead this earns you Tix. You can convert the Tix into Robux in the currency exchange.

Is there a way to get lots of Tix or Robux on ROBLOX?

Well maybe.

What time do you get your tix or robux on roblox?

Every 24 hours.

How do you get robux and tix for free on roblox i want robux?

1:buy 2:tixs are gone

Is there a way to get free tix and robux on roblox?

no their is no way you can get free stuff .-.

How do you put on sun glasses on roblox?

You have to buy them with either Tix, or Robux.

Why are Roblox prices so high?

If you have robux, you can Trade currency to convert to Tix (example: trade 30 robux=300 tix) Or if you want to buy robux, About $9.95 for 800 robux.(BC:1000) about $24 buys you 2400 robux (BC:3500) And by the way, trading currency works with TIX to (example: 20 tix=2 Robux