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you automaticly earn tix and you can trade them for robux in trade currency. or you can get bc and earn automatic robux

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Q: How do you get tix and robucks on Roblox?
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How do you get free robucks with out getting bilders club?

You cant get free ROBUCKS but you can buy it or trade curency.5 TIX is 1 ROBUCKS.

Do you get tix daily on roblox?

No. You get tix once you log in, unless you are active on ROBLOX everyday then you will get 'daily' tix.

Can you get gear with tix on roblox?

Maybe. Sometimes Roblox sells some gear for a couple of tix.

How do you turn tickets into robucks on roblox?

In the upper right hand corner, it will say how many tix you have. Click the link, and scroll down. Type in how many tix you want to trade, and it will say how many Robux you will get. Click make trade button and babam.

What can you get with tix in roblox?

You can buy stuff that are sold and involves tix.

Do you get tix each day on roblox?

You get 10 tix a day.

What are Roblox tix?

They are a type of money on roblox.

How much is one robux worth in tix in roblox?

One robux is worth 10 tix. Trade on robux for 8 tix. Trade 10 tix for 1 robux. Go to young1gun profile and go to my place to get more tix. I got 1000 tix on it once.

How do you send tix to people on roblox?

Tix do not exist anymore. They were taken out of the game.

How do you get free Tickets and Robucks on Roblox?

Okay, go to and make an account. Start making the website and then go on ROBLOX. Hit the ambassador thing on My ROBLOX and click Create Link. Use the random website on Yola over and over, ROBLOX does not recognize this as the same domain name. But you must add the HTML first. Copy the link. And publish the site before adding it to ROBLOX. Each thing = 2 tix. Thanks for asking!!

Where are the daily tix on roblox?

10 Tix every 24 hours for a regular Robloxian.


a old forgetten roblox currency