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If your an HONEST PENGUIN user you would make coins best by:

  • spend it on hows items
  • ask other peoples password
  • play puffle round up

Please be an appropriate penguin user - don't hack and cheat!

But if you want to cheat go to:

From here you can download coins online without downloading programs

If you want to you can also download programs like money maker.

Also you can..

Play games

Use money maker( you can go to this link, choose your computer type and get free money without getting banned!

Also... if your computer is not a mac, you can use Club Penguin Storm, where you can also get cool hacks and money without getting banned(most of the time, about 95%)

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Q: How do you get 10000 coins in Club Penguin?
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How do you get 10000 coins on club penguin very fast?

Go on and click on moneymaker :)

Is there a easy way on club penguin to get 10000 coins?

play all of the levels on the jet pack game without getting any coins and do this 10 times and you will have 10,000 coins. Note: you need to be a member to do this. And look for me on club penguin I'm always on, Pie0003 is my club penguin name :) hope this helped

How do you get 10000 coins in club penguin but EASY?

What I do is play Pizzatron, Cart Surfer, Puffle Roundup or DJ3K.

On club penguin if you have 10000 dollars do you get to be a member?

no you could bu maybe if you have 1000000 coins you could be a member!

How do you get 10000000 coins on Club Penguin?

There is no way to get 100000000 coins on Club Penguin.

How do you get 10000 coins in club penguin and i am a member?

First, go to then click on the money maker. Finally, enter your username and password.

Club penguin how do you get 10000 coins?

Well you type in the code then you get 1000 coins sometimes you get a accessory!!!!!! To enter a coin log off and look in the corners press unlock items then you log in to your penguin then....... Enter the code you will see!

How much money is needed to maintain club penguin?

You can have 0 coins and still be on Club Penguin. Or have more than 1,00000 coins and still be on Club Penguin

What is the best game to get money on club penguin?

I would say Mine Cart if you play it for about an hour! If you do that you will get more than 10000 coins probably!

Should club penguin have a wii game?

Yea it should.....It'll B kewl if you earn 10000 coins in each game you play

On club penguin what is a cheat for getting coins?

On club penguin the cheat for getting coins is to hack a members account!!!!

How many coins does is cost for the card back round in club penguin?

In club penguin it costs about 185 coins.