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It can be referred to as a "collage"

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Q: What is the name of a collection of pictures?
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What is the collective name of pictures?

Some collective nouns for pictures are: a collection of pictures an album of pictures

What is the Name of a collection of random pictures?

It can be referred to as a "collage"

Is collection of pictures- singular or plural?

The word pictures is plural for the singular noun picture.

Whats is collective nouns of pictures and stamps?

Collective nouns for pictures may be an album of pictures or a gallery of pictures. Collective nouns for stamps are a collection of stamps, a roll of stamps, or a sheet of stamps.

What is word for a collection of pictures?

An album

Where can one find a collection of funny cat pictures?

Nothing can bring a smile to your face like a great collection of funny cat pictures. There is a great collection of funny cat pictures at the website funnycatpix. Another suggestion would be to Google funny cat pictures, and then hit images.

How does the TV make pictures?

A collection of what we call pixels.

What is awsum one word for the collection of pictures?

album portfolio

What is the word used to represent collection of pictures?

That would be a collage.

Where would a person go to find a large collection of public domain background pictures?

There are many sites where one can find a collection of public domain background pictures. Flickr, Microsoft and Stock Vault all have a wide selection of pictures one could use.

Fraction name collection boxes?

Name collection boxes math

How do you put pix onto your zune?

you use your zune software go into your collection and your pictures in the folder called " My Pictures" should automatically be there.