How do you fuse on dbz burst limit?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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u can't fuse there is no majin buu saga or janemba saga it only goes on untill goku, vegeta, teen gohan and piccolo vs broly

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Q: How do you fuse on dbz burst limit?
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When will DBZ Burst Limit Ps2?

there is never going to be DBZ Burst Limit for ps2 it's only for Xbox 360 and Ps3

What bad guys do you fight in dbz burst limit 2?

there is no burst limit 2

Is kid buu on dbz burst limit?


Does dbz burst limit have a story mode?

Yeah it does.

Is there any new DBZ games for ps3 after burst limit?

yes dbz rpg

Which game is better dbz burst limit or dbz bodukai tenachai 3?

i got both games and think dbz burst limit has got much better gameplay but only goes to the cell saga and the only advantage tenkaichi has is more playable characters overall burst limit is better

How do you turn goku into ss2 in burst limit?

Goku cannot go Super Saiyan 2 in DBZ Burst limit

Why dbz burst limit cannot be available in ps2?

Because it was not made for that console

How can you play as ss2 goku in dbz burst limit?

goku can only go ssj in burst limit gohan is the only character that can go ssj2

Can you play as ss2 goku in dbz burst limit?

yes u can but it takes time

The release date for dragon ball z burst limit 2 or is it out already?

12/30/10,there is no dbz burst limit 2 yet but since they have a dbz raging blast 2 i think its just a mater of time. macy

When can you play as ssj2 goku on dbz burst limit?

in the credits of burst limit goku goes ssj2 against broly. but when you play sadly goku can not go ssj2