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You will need a Digger Drill. You can buy on from a Trap Merchant that is underground, or the Underground Man in Enterna City will give you one after you compete all of his missions. To use the Digger Drill, go Underground and find the place where you want your Secret Base to be. Face the wall and open you menu. Click on traps then click on Digger Drill. The Digger Drill will dig a hole which will become your base.

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Q: How do you form your own base in pearl underground?
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How do you get your own house on Pokemon Pearl?

Sorry, you can only obtain your own house in Pokemon Platinum. But you can still have a secret base in pearl Sorry, you can only obtain your own house in Pokemon Platinum. But you can still have a secret base in pearl besides im fat as

How many shiny stones can you get on diamond and pearl?

How about you finding that out on ur own.

Where can you buy poffins in Pokemon pearl?

You can't buy them you have to make your own.

How do you dig in Pokemon platinum?

well then,ill tell you a story how i done it,took me very long,as i walked into eterna city,in the house next to the poke centre,i found a man,who gave me a high five explorer kit,i never knew what is was about,he also says the wolds sinnoh region has been digging for years,and people belive digging is fun!,he says,so i walked out the house and saw Cynthia standing there,talk to her and she will give you a t-page up that boosts the underground service,and then go back in the house,he will give you a pickaxe and sledgehammer fo novice trainers,who only have 1-3 gym badges,if you want a sledgehammer with a derohammer,that's badges 3-5 and need 2 Pokemon over lv.40,also if you want a derohammer and a forcebacker that's 5-7 gym badges,if you want a forcebacker and a shardsmasher that's 7-Pokemon league then its a forcehammer with wipeout,there there strongest diggers ,and then if you do jobs underground bill askes you to do,then he will give you a digger drill,that digger drill,when your underground panicing for a secret base just use the digge drill on any wall underground then you've made your own base,that's how i done it i got diamond and pearl and yellow and platinum! when i came back from shopping and got on the ds in my base my spheres were stolen! i had a battle underground with my friend i won and he droped my spheres! i had got them back! lol,well hope this helped you so much im a gender:guess what one i call you sweetie young so im a boy!

Can you battle Pokemon pearl against Pokemon soul silver?

yes but you have to own two DS's and the games UPDATE: You also need Pokemon Battle Revolution

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Where is the best place to have your underground base on Pokemon pearl?

try going to your favorite sellguy then put it next to it.and there's your own vender.

How do you make an underground base in Pokemon pearl?

Easy just go to Eterna City and go to the House next to the Pokemon Center, There is old man inside the house go talk to him and he will give you some missions, and for his last mission he will tell you to make your own underground base. He will give you the items to make your base. by Erren

How do you get your own house on Pokemon Pearl?

Sorry, you can only obtain your own house in Pokemon Platinum. But you can still have a secret base in pearl Sorry, you can only obtain your own house in Pokemon Platinum. But you can still have a secret base in pearl besides im fat as

How do you get flag undergeound on diaomond?

You have to go to the underground with a friend. Then go to his base and go to his computer, press a, then you will have a flag, and then you go to your own base and go to your own pc, and then you have it.

In Pokemon pearl how do you do work for the old man to get a secret base?

The man in Eterna City will give you a Digger Drill and an Explorer Kit. Use the Explorer Kit to go underground, and find a place where you wnat your base. Face the wall ,press X to open the menu, select the "traps" item, and select the Digger Drill. You will drill a hole in the wall, and you can enter it, and make the base your own. :)

How do you get aerodactal?

If Pearl, dig for some Old Amber underground with the explorer kit. If any other game, I don't own any others, so I don't know

Where can you get the rare accessories in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

the question is very broad. A nice few rare accessories can be found through digging in the underground system, and you can dig on your own should you wish to

Who Bought Pearl Harbor?

does japan own pearl harbor

What can you do in undergroud on Pokemon Diamond?

Underground is actually quite fun. Here are a few things that you can do underground. get to make your own secret base 2.You get to put stuff in your base 3.You get to dig up gems and the bigger the gems are the better Items you can get for your secret base. 4.If you get some friends to go underground with you, you can play capture the flag with them by going in their base and taking their flag, and the more flags you obtaine, the better your flag gets. 5.sometimes if you are lucky, you may dig up a fossil or a reveive or something like that. 6.If you get a fossil, you can get it turned back into a Pokemon, (Cranidos for Pokemon diamond, Sheildon for Pokemon pearl) ********************************************************************** That is really all I can think of right now...I think I got them all...Even if I didn't though, What I did say should have helped either way. I hope it did.

How do you git bastion on Pokemon pearl?

ok 1st thing you gotta do is go to eterna city and talk to the underground man he will give you the underground kit complete his tasks and you will be able to move freely underground dig up a shild fossil and get this revived at oreburgh city in the mining museum this will give you a sheildon level it up to level 30 and there you go your very own bastiodon

Can you own a gym in Pokemon pearl?


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