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Open your ps2 controller and make sure you know to remember where all the parts should be. If the problem is on the analog stick try cleaning it and if the problem is on the keys take all the components and check on website to see if the parts are in the right position.

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Q: How do you fix analog on ps2 controller?
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Where is the L3 and R3 buttons on a ps2 controller?

analog sticks

What does analog mean on the ps2?

When the analog is on on the controller, that means you can use the joysticks. If it is off, then the joysticks are disabled.

How do you fix your xbox 360 analog stick?

Go to YouTube and write how to fix analog stick and go to amazon and order analog and a security Xbox controller screw.

Does the word analog on the ps2 controller mean it will not work after February 2009?

No it does not the controller will still work. that system is for TV reception and even Analog TVs will work with the new digital box

Where is r3 on ps2 controller?

You press the R3 button when you press down the right analog stick.

Why do the two analog sticks stick on the ps2 controller because the camera and character moves when they are not supposed to?

Go to your local game store and they will ship it to a place where they fix it.It worked for my Nintendo DS!!!!!

How do you fix your PlayStation controller I accidentally stood on it and the analog stick seems to be out of place?

By replacing it with a new used controller

Is there a third party Xbox or PS2 controller which can invert the X and Y axis on the right analog stick?


How do you open cheats in guitar hero rock the 80s in ps2 analog controller?

I dont think you can I tried with no luck

Why does my PS2 controller's analog button keep cutting on and off while I am playing my games?

maybe your controller is messed up or the controller isn't plugged in all the way. hope that helps=]

What is l3 and r3 in the ps2 controller?

L3 and R3 on a PS2 controller refer to the clickable analog sticks. Pressing down on the left or right analog stick activates the L3 or R3 button, respectively, offering an additional way to interact with games.

How do you turn on a PS2 controller?

Click the analog button in the center of the remote ,and a green light should appear on the remote if done correctly.