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when the DS is off hold A and B when u turn it on hold select and start and A and B until the list has ended then release

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Q: How do you fix action replay that has a WHITE screen?
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How do you fix action replay that has a black screen when it goes to the action replay section and it doesn't show anything else?

go to uruapan there they fix it

How do you fix a white wide screen?

to fix your action replay you have to u have to press a+b+start+select if that doesn't work tell your parents to sue gamestop

How do you fix your action replay if it has a black and white?

If the action replay terns blackl and white the only way to fix it is to tern the system off and back on and that should do the trick.

How do a fix your action replay software?

i know how to fix white screen well once your action replay gets white screen the way to fix it is to erase some codes or reset the hardware.But if that doesnt work theres nothing you can do. so you will have to by another,but if you get a new one DO NOT ENTER MODIFIERS OR UPGRADES OR ANY CODE THAT IMPROVES!!!!!!!! i did the same thing and bought another and it works fine.

What if your action replay dont show andything on it it just shows white screen how can you fix it? website should help

How do you fix your Action replay for dsi?

Basically when your action replay breaks, the only repair options you can go to the action replay shortcut on your computer and right click on the top icon corner and click about.... and click reset hardware but thing though it takes off all games but now no white/black screen of DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!

How do you fix an action replay DS that only shows a blank screen?

You cannot fix it. It is broken and cannot be changed. You must get a new one or something.

How do you fix an Action Replay that keeps starting by itself?

when action replay is not working and the screen turns white that means u have too many codes u only can do 1 code at a time so delete the rest and use won first i found out trust me it wasn't easy at firsti was mad that's how u fix action replay when screen turns white

How do you fix action replay when you turn on your DS it says touch the screen to continue?

i have no idea, because, i don't own one

My Nintendo DS Lite won't turn on because of action replay how do you fix it?

because the fuses may be broken you may need to open it and fix it their are sites that can help you like Strange brick problem, ds won't turn on - DCEmu Forums:: The ....

What to do when action replay goes blue and red after I put in the game ID?

you can't fix it. you need to buy another action replay or call the company of the action replay and let them fix it.

Is there a way to fix a action replay that turns the screen red and blue strips when you try to add a new?

when you load it up, and the screen is white before it comes up this product isn't liscenced by Nintendo or whatever, hold a b start and sleect at the same time, this will erase every code and game on your action replay, this can be fixed by dragging and dropping the codelist into code manager as you would have done at the start