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Strange weapons are obtained from unboxable crates.

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Q: How do you find strange weapons in tf2?
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Do strange botkiller weapons keep track of how many robots you kill in tf2?

No, because robots are AI and strange weapons only track player kills.

How do you get more metal in Tf2?

You get metal in TF2 either by trading or by crafting down the weapons you find

How do you level up weapons in tf2?

Weapons cannot be "leveled up" in TF2

How do you get new weapons on tf2?

if you want to get the scout weapons eg. do achevments

Can you trade tf2 beta weps onto tf2 normal?

No you cannot trade weapons for beta tf2 to normal tf2. Beta Tf2 is considered to be a completely different game by steam. Therefore the two game's inventories are not compatible.

Do you lose your weapons if you reinstall tf2?

Nope, everything on your profile for TF2 (backpack/controls etc...) is kept online.

Can you transfer tf2 weapons from one steam account to another?


How do you use unlockable tf2 weapons in Gmod?

download them from

How do you pick up weapons in tf2?

You can't pick up weapons. The weapon you wish to use must be in your inventory and then you can equip it.

I crafted most of the Spy's weapons in TF2 can I ever get them all back?

Nope, sorry.

What are all the scripts to TF2 Meet the Classes?

you can find the transcripts from the "Meet The..." series on the tf2 wiki.

What is the easiest way to get weapons in TF2?

Just playing the game then trading those weapons for the weapons you want. That won't work because what if you were free to play so this may take a long time but you randomly get weapons when you play :]