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Find snorlax then stand in the exact spot where it was then use the itemfinder and you will dig up a item it is the leftovers.

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Q: How do you find left overs in Pokemon fire red?
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What does left overs do in Pokemon?

Leftovers increase a Pokemon's health by 1/16 of the Pokemon's maximum health every turn, rounded down, if it is held.

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in Pokemon blue you can get the Pokemon vulpix to the left of lavender town. or later on in the game in cinabar island you can go to the abandoned mansion and get a few fire types there.

What do Mexican free tail bats eat?

they eat moths,flys,and left overs they eat moths,flys,and left overs

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Where to find a coin case in Pokemon fire red?

Go to celadon city and find the cafeteria its one of the houses on the bottom talk to the guy at the top left and he will give you his coin case.

Where can you find TM 21 in Pokemon emerald?

you have to have a pokemon that hates you on the left

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