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to find latias, you need to beat the eilite four. Once you have wasted them, check the TV in your house. It will tell you that there have been sightings of a red flying Pokemon all over hoenn- that's latias. Unfortunately, there is no good, guaranteed method for catching latias. You will need a LOT of patience, but trust me, it is worth your time when you catch her. try other peoples' methods first, and if all else fails, here's what you do. Since latias' position always changes, whether you're flying or not, you need to search all of hoenn. That means in every grass patch and ocean (on land, you only need to check patches of grass and weeds). One thing that I found was that if you use a max repel, it can actually increase your chance of finding latias. Try getting about twenty of those, and use them one after the other. While this won't actually find latias for you, it will deter MOST wild Pokemon, clearing the way and making it easier on you. Also, Latias is immune to any type of repellant, so don't worry about using them. Once you find latias for the first time, it will be recorded in your pokedex, and you will be able to track it down. Tracking it is all up to you, since it follows a totally random course, but at least you're not guessing anymore. While you're chasing, try and see if you can't get a wobuffett. This is the only sure-fire way to keep latias in battle (on its first turn it will flee. Wobuffett has an ability that prevents this). Once you are in an area where latias is, SAVE IMMIDIATELY. You'll understand the importance of doing this once you are in battle. Once you are in the actual battle with latias, make sure wobuffett is your attacking Pokemon (do any switching on your first turn). try to find a move that will reduce most of latias' damage before trying to capture it. if you do accidentally knock it out, turn off the game boy (or ds) and turn it back on. Since you saved pretty close to where you battled before, you can try again. When you manage to get latias' health down, at least in to the low yellow, you can try to catch it. If you still have your master ball, this will be extremely easy. Throw it, and you have your latias. If you have used your master ball, this will be much more difficult. Try using ultra balls (make sure you have at least twenty), and see if you can catch it. Somehow, I caught it with a repeat ball, but don't try to do that unless you want to. Keep throwing, and you should be able to catch it. if you can't try any ball. It's just all about luck. Hope this helps.

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Q: How do you find latias in Pokemon sapphire?
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Where can you find latias in Pokemon Ruby?

Latiasyou cant find latias in Pokemon ruby you can only find it in sapphire. in Pokemon ruby you get latios no, you get latias in ruby and latios in sapphire because of the colour, Latias is red means ruby,latios is blue so means sapphire. your right above me but you got it mixed up. No its latias in sapphire and latios in ruby trust me i took forever trying to catch latias in sapphire and i finally did.

Where do you catch latias in Pokemon sapphire?

You can find latias on every route in hoenn.

Can you catch latias in sapphire?

Yes, Pokemon Sapphire version is the version in which you can catch Latias. You can only find it once you have beaten the Pokemon League, then there is a report of a legendary red flying Pokemon in Hoenn. Latias appears randomly.

Were to find latios on Pokemon Sapphire?

nowhere. you can only latias. but you can trade it.

Can you catch more than on latias in Pokemon sapphire?


How do you get a latios in Pokemon Sapphire not latias?

In Pokemon Sapphire, Latios can be found in Southern Island.

Where can you catch Latias on Pokemon Sapphire?

You can find latias on every route in sapphire in the grass or even the water its very hard to find to easily get it i suggest using a white flute item to lure it toward you.

Can latios and latias have an egg in Pokemon Sapphire?


Can you catch Latias on Pokemon Sapphire?


What is the red Pokemon on the TV after you beat Pokemon Sapphire?


How do you get lati?

you get latios on Pokemon ruby, latias on Pokemon sapphire!!

Where is latias Pokemon Sapphire?

After you beat the Elite 4 in Pokemon sapphire, latias will be in the wild in random places. I suggest you keep a master ball because latias always runs away in battle when you incounter it.