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It's simple you have to find the pictures in the map. You find the picture? Great, click in view cards

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2008-11-27 20:47:25
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Q: How do you find dinosaur cards in dino slash?
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Where can you find gems in miamiopia?

The Dino Gem is on top of the T-REX tower in the dinosaur skull. It is in the dinosaur district.

How do you find all the dinosaur in dinosaur king?

You need to dig up fossils and bring them back to life but if you talk to Dino Man and have enough fossils he will give you one.

Where can you find Dinosaur cards for Yu-Gi-Oh?

You can go to the Yugioh Wikia ( and search for Dinosaur monsters and support cards, which will also tell you which pack(s) each individual card came from. You can also buy the Dinosaur's Rage structure deck to get started as well.

You find a fossil of a dinosaur tooth the tooth is very large and sharp what can you infer about what the dinosaur ate?

You can tell this tooth is from a carnivore(meat eating dinosaur). If the tooth was very long, it could possibly be from a large carnivore, like Spinosaurus, T-rex,Gigantosaurus,etc. -dino-b, the dinosaur loving expert

How old is a dinosaur bone containing 50 percent carbon 14 and 50 percent nitrogen 14?

Dinosaur bones won't have any C14; that's all used up in about 50,000 years. The "freshest" dino bone you can find will be at least 65,000,000 years old. Actually, the dino bone will be so mineralized that there really won't be any "bone" left.

Where do you find a dinosaur fece on dinosaur king?

under the dinosaur

Where is the dino paradise in dino run?

At the very end of the game when you have completed all levels, you will find the dino paradise.

How do you find out about dinosaurs?

You find out about dinosaurs by watching dinosaur movies,looking at dinosaur books,or maybe even looking for a dinosaur fossil!

What product came in a clear glass jar with a dinosaur on it from the kraft company?

Jelly, or Jam depending on where your from. Im trying to find one to ship to Canada so I can put my favourite Candy into it, DINO - SOURS :( fawk me :(

How do you get all of the eggs on Dino run?

You find them

How can you make your yu-gi-oh dino deck better any cards?

There are plenty of ways to make yours dino deck better. number one is buy the structre deck. if you have the money and have one, buy two more. if you don't have the money just trade for or buy the individuals of the best cards like sabersaurus, gilasaurus,hydrogeddon, ect. remember you can have up to three of each in your deck. there are other packs that you can buy that have strong cards like black veloci and destroyasorus...i think that's its name. i cant remember its name but there is a high level dino that requires one dino tribute and lets you draw a card too...ill let you find that lol.

Where can you find the game dino rampage?

in your own world

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