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You can find a Utahraptor in the depot where Seth is in; it is rare!

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Q: Where can you find a utahraptor in dinosaur king?
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Is utahraptor an actual dinosaur?

Yes, Utahraptor was a real dinosaur from the Cretaceous period. It was a realtive of velociraptor.

What was the most scary dinosaur?

A t-rex or Utahraptor

What type of dinosaur has 10 letters?


Where do you find a dinosaur fece on dinosaur king?

under the dinosaur

Dinosaur King TCG How rare is a colossal rare card Is it something to treasure And what's the difference between a colossal Utahraptor and a colossal pouncing Utahraptor Thank u for all answers?

A colossal rare card is very rare and something to treasure.

What was the best killer dinosaur?

This answer is literally impossible. it is based on opinions. mine is Utahraptor. my friend's is Tyrannosaurus.

Where do you find dinosaur feces in dinosaur king?

dig with a drill at different contrary

How do you get dacentrurus in dinosaur king?

you find it in eureope

What is Utah's dinosaur?

There is no state dinosaur for Utah. The state fossil is Allosaurus. This is strange, though, because there are at least two dinosaurs named after Utah. They are Utahraptor and Utahceratops.

Where can you find dinosaur king episode 22?

Where do you find deltadromeus on dinosaur king ds?


Would a small dinosaur prey on a larger dinosaur?

It depends on what species of dinosaur it is. Dinosaurs like Utahraptor and dromeosaurus probably hunted in packs and preyed on herbivores much larger than them like iguanadon.