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Find a cave that travels down to [y] of 16 or below.

Dig down until you reach floor or [y] of 15.

Start Strip Mining.

\/ Strip Mining \/

= is Stone.

0 is Air.






Start Mining like that so you don't miss anything.

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2013-06-18 00:50:04
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Q: How do you find diamond really easy on minecraft?
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How do you find diamond on minecraft pocket edition?

Diamond is extremely rare on Minecraft PE. The best way to find it would be to build a staircase straight down and hope to find it.

Where do you get diamond in Minecraft?

You have to find a cave and mine until you find gray blocks with light blue dots (diamond). Then you mine that and you have diamond!

How can you find more diamond on minecraft?

Diamond is usually found around lava flows.

How do you find iron gold or diamond in minecraft?

Mine for it silly!!

How do you find diamond in minecraft PE?

Keep digging it is there it is just hard to find!

What is the easiest way to find diamond on Minecraft?

spawn it or go find some or steal it

What is a Minecraft diamond seed?

A minecraft diamond seed is a seed in which you can find diamonds very easily. There used to be a seed (1million) that generated big mountains, and if you dug down from where you spawned you'd find a diamond cave. Most diamond seeds are fake, but others can be real.

What are all the uses of diamond in minecraft?

Diamond Armor, Diamond Tools, other stuff like Jukeboxes. The rarest material of all.. diamonds. You find some, you should be happy Diamond is the highest tier in UNMODDED minecraft. See DIAMOND.

How do you find hogwarts castle on Minecraft?

Retard, there is no hogwarts in minecraft. get out of harry potter and into iron ingots and diamond mines.

How do you find diamond in minecraft app?

dig down and hope some appears

What does 8 wooden planks and 1 diamond make in minecraft?

8 wooden planks and 1 diamond makes a jukebox on Minecraft. You can play music discs that you find using this.

Can you find diamond blocks in the bonus chest in minecraft?

No but some stupid people think that you can!

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