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You can only get them in the Black & White, Black 2 & White 2.

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Q: How do you find a Prism Scale in SoulSilver?
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Where to find a prism scale in pearl?

The Prism Scale cannot be obtained in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. You'll need to trade for a Pokemon holding the Prism Scale to get it.

Where do you find a beauty scale in pokemon soulsilver?

you cant

Where do you find a prism scale in white verson?

ROUTE 13In Route 13, check the Northeastern shore, and you will see a Pokeball containing a Prism Scale. UNDELLA TOWNVisit the Pokemon Center and talk to everyone, and a person will give you a Prism Scale.

How Do You Find A Prism Scale In Platinum?

Unfortunately, the Prism Scale does not exist in Platinum. In order to evolve Feebas, you must maximize its beauty. Do this by feeding it many dry-flavored poffins.

Where do you find a heart scale in soulsilver?

You can buy it in the Athlete Shop, or find it in rubble when you use Rock Smash

Where do you find a prism scale?

You can go under ground to get it by digging into the wall when there is a glow click a to dig

What Pokemon evolves with prism scale?

If feebas holds the prism scale link trade it and the things gonna evolve

Which Pokemon evolve with the prism scale?

Feebas can evolve while holding a Prism Scale and traded. This applies to only Generation V and up.

How do you find the volume of a similar prism with only the scale factor and volume of the other prism?

The ratio of the volumes of similar solids is (the ratio of their linear dimensions)3 .

What Pokemon evolve with a prism scale in Pokemon black?

Due to there being no 'beauty' stat in generation 5; Feebas evolves into Milotic with the Prism Scale when traded.

Where to get a dragon scale in Pokemon SoulSilver?

The dragon scale is located in Mt. Mortar

What does the red scale do in pkokemon SoulSilver?

You give the red scale to Mr.Pokemon and he will give you an Exp.Share.