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sorry can't but you can find him in other games :-( sorry

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Q: How do you find Looker the agent in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver?
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What is a looker in Pokemon platinum?

He is a agent from the International Police of pokemon.

Whose voice is it in Pokemon Platinum that has the triple question mark as a name?

His Name Is Agent Looker From Some Pokemon Organization. Hope It Helped! ! ! ! !

How do you get poke flute?

In poke platinum you get a black poke flute from Looker the agent

Where is handsome in Pokemon Diamond?

I think you're thinking of Looker, the police agent that continuously shows up in Platinum. Unfortunately, he doesn't appear in either Diamond or Pearl; only Platinum.

Where is Looker the agent?

he only is in Pokemon platinum and Pokemon black and white in Pokemon platinum you see him in jubilife city, and I think maybe at Team Galactic HQ. in Pokemon black and white after you beat the elite four, he is looking for the seven sages. after you find all seven sages he'll talk to you and he'll arrest the 7 sages. you will never see him again after that.

How do you get a Celebi in Pokemon HeartGold and soul silver?

You would have to trade or migrate it from another game. My 39 Clues Agent Code Is: P39FFM3PXP And One Last Thing, Lucians Rule! Come Check It Out,!

What is the key called that lets you in to the team galactic base?

It's called a Galactic Key. You get it from Looker, the agent guy... Hopefully you're talking about Veilstone city HQ's "base". Or else I can't help you.

If your business is 60 days from BK and you try to sell it and an agent goes around to all the potential buyers and tells every looker to wait sixty days to pick it up cheap is this litigable?

Rude? Yes. Tort?, probably not. Unless the 'agent' has some obligation to you then their action is likely unfettered. The agent is more likely to have a future business relationship with the buyer then with you so he is in fact looking after his and his other clients interest.

What is the common cast of characters of war?

The boot Lt The experienced Sergeant The boot Private The know it all Corporal Guy from Boston Guy from Jersey Guy Against the war Random civilian Some looker woman Double agent/spy

What is that crogonk doing entering the safari zone on Pokemon platinum?

that's the agent dude

Where is the a rod in Pokemon white?

you get it when you beat the game when you walk downstairs there will be two " moms" and one of them will transform into a secret agent and give you it

How do you get the card key to open the doors in Pokemon leafgreen?

You have to defeat a certain Team Rocket Agent and he'll drop the Card Key.