How do you fight regigigas?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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You first have to have Regice, Regirock, and Registeel in your party, who you can only battle if you have the Regigigas that you received from a Nintendo Event included in your party. You can find Regice at the Iceberg Ruins in Mount Coronet, Regirock in the Rock Peak Ruins on Route 228, and Registeel in the Iron Ruins in Iron Island. You can find Regigigas in Snowpoint Temple, and you can get into Snowpoint Temple by by defeating the Champion, Cynthia, for the first time.

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Q: How do you fight regigigas?
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How do you battle Regigigas?

get all the regi's and get through the puzzle and the you fight him

What do you do after catch regigigas in platinum?

Fight the elite 4 and just train your Pokemon

How do you get the event regigigas after march 21?

you get regigigas on diamond and pearl by trading regirock, registeel, and regice from emerald after beating the league then going into the ruin things at snowpoint city, and then finding the statue of regigigas and it should come to life and then you fight him lv1.

What happends if you brought the 3 regi's to regigigas?

regigigas fights you (you'll need a Pokemon with false swipe when you fight him because it will leave him with 1HP and you'll need a bunch of ultra balls)

What purple stones do you need to get through the aegis rock?

Easy actually. The unown pieces of ICE (Regice), ROCK (Regirock), and STEEL (Registeel). Regigigas is last, but you don't need any for him. You will have to fight all the regis, and with Regigigas you fight more, but Team Charm will help.

What about the part after that for aegis cave after you spell ice?

then you need to spell rock and fight regirock. after that you have to spell steel and fight registeel. if you're done with that you need to go to like floor 6 and fight regigigas and his minions

How do you get regigigas on your team in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon explorers of sky?

Just head back through Aegis Cave and fight him again. There's a chance of recruiting him whenever you fight him.

How do you catch regegigus on Pokemon platinum?

I think you have to go to an event to get Regigigas but if you missed it, then try:1) Beat the Elite Four2) Then go to Snowpoint City and try to go past the woman blocking a building in the middle/top of the city. She will tell you that only the chosen one is allowed through, but Cynthia will come and talk to her3) Go to the lowest level of the building. Regigigas will be there.4) Fight it. Regigigas will probably be at level 1 so fight him with weak Pokemon or just catch himYou need Registeel, Regirock and Regice in order to awaken Regigigas.

Who is stronger uxie or regigigas?


Where is is regigigas?

you have to have regirock regice and registeel in your party go to the snowpoint temple go threw it. fight him/catch him. p.s. have a shinx bidoof or starly in your party too, regigigas is lv.1 your friend, sightlessaphid4 AKA BEST GAMER IN THE UNIVERSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you get regigigas in pokemon saphire?

You can only get the 3 regis and not regigigas. Regigigas is a newer pokemon.

What about regigas in the snowpoint temple?

you need to have gotten all 3 Regi's and go to snowpoint temple with them in your team go to regigigas and talk to him then you can fight him