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First you must get all 6 Soul unions to get in the area were he is, then you must get all the standard chips to fight him

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Q: How do you fight bass in Megaman battle network 4?
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How do you get to udernet 3 in mega man battle network 6?

In Megaman Battle Network 6, It doesn't have The Undernet 3, but it has Undernet Zero where you can fight Bass at there.

Where did they get the name Bass in Megaman Battle Network?

Bass is not just in Battle Network, just as Megaman is not just in Battle Network; he is merely that series' incarnation of the franchised character. The name Bass is the English version of the name, and is meant to correspond with the robowolf Treble (get it!?). Treble is Bass's version of Megaman's robodog Rush. In Battle Network, Treble is effectively converted into Gospel, as the features are similar and the two team up at the end of MMBN 3 to create the super powerful BassGS, or Bass Gospel Soul.

Megaman battle network 5 double team ds can you get bass as a playable characters?

Nope, but you can get a chip from Bass.

On MegaMan Battle Network 5 how do you get Bass Cross?

i dont not if this is right but you must beat bass in nebula hole 6

How do you get the megaman bass cross on battle network 5 team protoman?

yes, but you need a game shark

How do you get to battle naphalman in megaman battle network 2?

NapalmMan's door is unlocked when you get every NaviChip in the game except for PharoahMan, NapalmMan, PlanetMan, and Bass.

How do you get Bass Battle Chip That Hits 1000 In megaman battle network 3?

you cant okey gees you guys ain to smart you can't, but you can use bass gs and a few attack +30's to do close to 1000.

Where do you find Bass BX In Megaman Battle network 6 Falzar?

the samw way you find him in Gregar , go to the undernet zero from green area ( examine the back of the big tree in green area 2 ) move around until you find Bass and defeat him , then go to the Graveyard and defeat Bass SP ( you need all the standered chips to battle him ). if you have already done this , just go to underground 2 , go to the plateform where you battle Falzar Beast megaman . you will battle Falzar Beast megaman SP first , then you will battle Bass BX .

How do you fight bass xx in mega man battle network 5 double team?


Who would win in a fight against megaman and bass?

Square Enix

Play as bass in megaman battle network 4 blue moon?

Try Actually, try searching that on Google. You'll likely get tons of usable hits.

How do you get to graveyard 2 in Megaman battle network 6?

You have to get all of the standard chips or use the action replay cheat that lets you walk on air. You face Bass inside, so be careful.