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you buy a food for your pet and drag it to the pet and it will eat it

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Q: How do you feed the pet in pet party?
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How to level up in pet party?

You should finish mission,play games,pick up rubbish,feed your pet. Thats all i've got!

Where is your house number on pet party?

you can feed your pet by going to Gregs groceries and go to the end of the grocerie shop and press the left button 5 times and thiers your answer

how much should you feed your pet?

in everyday i should feed my pet

In Petpet Park how to feed your pet?

You don't NEED to feed your pet.

What to do with a pet cat?

Feed it and pet it.

How do you get the treat into the pet on wizard 101?

After training a pet by playing a mini game in the Pet Hatchery it gives you the option to feed a snack to your pet, all you have to do is select the snack you want to feed it then press feed pet.

How do talk on Pet Party?

You cant talk on pet party

How do you chat on pet party?

on pet party do you have to be a members to chat? yes or no

Where can you get the red flower envolpe in pet party?

how to get marry in pet party

Where do you for a snowball fight in pet party?

You can not have a snowball fight in pet party.

Where can you find the online game Pet Party?

Pet Party can be found on a variety of websites. If you go to Google and type in "Pet Party" it will give you a list of sites with Pet Party on it. See the related links.

How do you clean your pet mouse?

feed the pet food