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fire stone

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Q: How do you evolve your vulpix in Pokemon Silver?
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How do you make Vulpix evolve on Pokemon Soul Silver?

Vulpix cannot evolve by leveling up. You will need a firestone so that it can evolve to become Ninetales.

How do you get vulpix evolve in Pokemon silver?

You need to give it a Fire Stone.

What Pokemon can evolve by a fire stone in soul silver on youtube?

Vulpix, Growlithe, and Eevee.

How does vulpix evolve in Pokemon soul silver?

Okay, you need to use a fire stone on it, but remember this carefully: It will only work on a female Vulpix, not a male Vulpix.

What level does vulpix evolve in pokemon silver?

Vulpix evolves with a fire stone, not leveling up. A slightly different evolution process than different Pokemon.

How do you evolve a vulpix on Pokemon explorers of sky?

Well you do need a fire stone, when you get a fire stone give it to your vulpix. after that go to that place where you evolve your Pokemon and your vulpix should evolve.

When does vulpix evolve in pokemon soul silver?

Any time you like, as long as you use a fire stone!

How do you evolve a vulpix in Pokemon emerald?

Use a fire stone on Vulpix.

On Pokemon pearl how do you evolve a vulpix?

You use a fire stone on the vulpix

What level does vulpix evolve at silver?

you have to use a fire stone in order to make vulpix evolve in to ninetails. it cant be leveled up to evolve.

What level does a vulpix evolve at in soul silver?

you need to give vulpix a fire stone

Does it matter what level Vulpix is at to evolve as long as he has a fire stone in Pokemon soul silver?

Most Pokemon who needs stones to evolve can't learn any more attacks by leveling up after they have evolved. Therefore you should make sure your Vulpix already have god moves before you evolve it.