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I am pretty sure you have to trade it and it evolves after being traded.
You have to trade it with another heartgold/soulsilver and trade it back to be able to have machamp on your game.

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Q: How do you evolve machoke to machamp in Pokemon HeartGold?
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What does machoke the Pokemon evolve into?

Machoke evolves into Machamp, but you need to trade it to get it to evolve.

How does Machoke evolve into Machamp in Pokemon Platinum?

By trading machoke

When does Machoke evolve into Rhyhorn in Pokemon Emerald?

machoke evolve into machamp, what the f*** are you saying?

How does a machoke evolve in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Machoke evolves into Machamp when traded.

In Pokemon deluge what lvl will machoke evolve?

you have to trade the machoke to get a machamp

When does machop evolve at Pokemon Emerald?

It will evolve to Machoke about level 28. Machoke will evolve to Machamp when traded.

In Pokemon how do you evolve machoke?

You can't. you have to trade to get machamp

How do you evolve machoke to machamp in Pokemon Silver?

trade it to someone you trust. then trade back. the machoke will become a machamp,

Where do you find machamp in HeartGold?

You must trade a Machoke with someone else, or receive a Machoke from someone else. After getting the Machoke, it will evolve into a Machamp. Machamp cannot be found in the wild. This is because they can only be evolved by trading.

How do you get a ma- champ on Pokemon Blue for Game Boy Color?

you find machoke on victory road and battle with it to evolve it into machamp or early on in the rock tunnel u get machop and then battle with it to evolve it into machoke and then machamp =] you need to trade for a machoke and it will evolve into machamp.

When does Machoke evolve pokemon diamond?

Machoke can only evolve after its been traded

How can you see machamp on Pokemon platnium?

you must trade a machoke to another ds and it will evolve into a machamp.