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you need to get max happiness then it will evolve. this usually happens around level 18

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Q: How do you evolve igglybuff in Pokemon platinum?
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How do you get a wigglytuff in Pokemon White by breeding?

Evolve an Igglybuff.

How do you n Igglybuff on Pokemon Platinum?

In the trophy garden its a daily Pokemon :D

What level does igglybuff evolve in Pokemon crystal?

Igglybuff evolves when it is happy and when it gains a level at the same time.

What level does igglybuff evolve?

Igglybuff do not evolve by level. They evolve by happiness, a rate of how much the Pokemon like their Trainers. Igglybuff can get happiness by leveling up, using an item on it, and challenging a Gym Leader. But be careful, if the Pokemon faints, or if you deposit it in the PC, the happiness will drop. I hope this will help you evolve Igglybuff. Trust me, when you evolve it, you are going to get a very cute surprise. Yea you get a jigglypuff. and you can also make it happy by walking it in the park! i think the igglybuff is cuter then the jigglypuff!

What level does igglybuff evolve at in Pokemon pearl?

it evolves to jiggly puff

What Pokemon is number 174 on Pokemon Platinum?

National Dex: Igglybuff Sinnoh Dex: Togetic

Pokemon Platinum where is a golbat?

how to evolve golbat in platinum.. how to evolve Scyther in platinum. how to evolve electabuzz in platinum. how to evolve magmar in platinum.

What is Pokemon 174 on platinum?

in sinnoh dex it is togetic but in national dex it is igglybuff

When does Igglybuff evolve in Pokemon Sapphire?

Igglybuff evolves in "Pokémon Sapphire" when it's at maximum happiness.

How do you evolve haunter on Pokemon Platinum?

You have to trade the Pokemon to evolve it.

How do you evolve a wild Pokémon in Pokémon Platinum?

you cant evolve a wild Pokemon in Pokemon platinum you either have to catch the wild Pokemon and then evolve him/her or kill the wild Pokemon.

Can sneasel involve in Pokemon FireRed?

snesel can'NT evolve but can evolve in Pokemon diamond, pearl and platinum snesel can'NT evolve but can evolve in Pokemon diamond, pearl and platinum