How do you evolve clamperl at ruby?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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you have to trade it

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Q: How do you evolve clamperl at ruby?
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Where do you find huntail in Pokemon ruby?

You have to evolve a boy clamperl, migrate, OR trade from FireRed or LeafGreen.

How do you evolve Clamperl in Pokemon Ruby?

To evolve it, you have to give it a Deep Sea Tooth (Huntail) or a Deep Sea Scale (Gorebyss) and trade it.

When you have deepseascale what shall you do to evolve clamperl in Pokemon emerald?

Give the deepseascale to clamperl and trade and trade back and it will evolve into a huntail. Give the deepseascale to clamperl, trade and trade back and it will evolve into a huntail.

Where is the deepseatooth?

It's in Ruby, Sapphire, And Emerald, after you get the scanner from the Abandoned Ship at sea northwest of Dewford. After you do that go tell the professor in Slateport and he should ask you which item you want: A deep-sea-tooth (To evolve Clamperl in a trade to a Huntail) or a deep-sea-scale (To evolve Clamperl in a trade to a Gorebyss).

How do you evolve a clamperl into gorybess in Pokemon diamond?

Clamperl can only evolve into Gorebyss if you give it a Deep Sea Scale to hold and then trade it.

Does clamperal evolve?

Yes Clamperl Does Evolve... You Get Either A Deapseatooth or Deepseascale From Capt. Stern after Obtaining the Scanner. Deepseatooth= Evolves Clamperl Into huntail By Giving Deepseatooth to clamperl To hold... then Trade it Deepseascale= Evolves Clamperl Into Gorebyss By Giving Deepseascale To Clamperl To Hold... Then trade it. Hope That Helps.

What Pokemon do you get from deep sea tooth and deep sea scale?

You must have a clamperl and let it hold the deepseatooth/deepseascale. Then, trade clamperl. If clamperl is holding the deepseatooth,it will evolve to Huntail. If it was deepseascale, it will evolve to a Gorebyss.

How do you use the deepseascale to clamperl to make evolve it into huntail?

you make the clamperl hold the deepseascale then you trade.

How do you evolve clamperl into gorebyss?

clamperl will evolve into gorebyss in trading it into a friend while holding a deepseascale and into huntail while trading it while holding deepseatooth

When evolve clamperl?

you trade it with a deepseatooth or deepseascale

Can you evolve clamperl without trading?

Sorry, no.

What pokemon evolve with a deepseatooth?

Clamperl when traded