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You go to Key Items in your backpack, click on Bicycle and click on register. If you have registered anything else, unregister it.

The bicycle should be your first registered thing, so when you press Y you will ride it.

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Q: How do you equip bicycle to select on Pokemon gold?
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Where do you get the bicycle in Pokemon Gold version?

Goldenrod City

How do you change the text in Pokemon Gold?

You go to MENU & select it.

How do you open your bag in Pokemon Gold?

hit "start" the select "bag"

Where in goldenrod city do you get a bicycle in Pokemon heart gold?

just search on youtube where to get one. hope this helped

How do you get rid of bad egg on Heart Gold Pokemon?

select the egg and say release

How do you sell Pokemon in Pokemon Heart Gold?

You don't "sell" Pokemon. You go to your party or PC box, click the Pokemon you want to get rid of, and select "release".

How do you surf on Pokemon Gold?

You'll need to teach the Pokemon Surf and go to the water and press A. (If not go in party and select the Pokemon that knows Surf)

How do you use the hm flash in Pokemon gold?

Teach a move to a Pokemon that can learn it via HM and then, after defeating Falkner in Violet City, select that Pokemon in your party and select Flash to light up dark caves, such as Dark Tunnel.

How many steps do you have to take to hatch a mareep egg in Pokemon heart gold?

5355 steps, or when using a bicycle, 21 cycles

Why won't Pokemon Heart Gold Version delete saved data?

At the main menu with the Pokemon screen press up select and b

How do you get masterballs in Pokemon Gold and silver?

by completing all the gym battles in johto( then finding the dragon fang) and you will get a phone call from prof elm,fly to his lab,then he will give you a master ball,to get more balls equip a Pokemon with a master ball and duplicate that Pokemon

How do you equip clothing in tekken 6?

You can change your character's equipment in the equipment tab during the character select mode. You will need to buy the equipment before it can be equipped to your character. You will need gold to purchase the items which you can obtain from fights.