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There is a theatre mode lobby in the main menu of multiplayer. You must enter it, choose a recent game, start it, and use the HUD on the bottom of the screen to help you edit it.

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Q: How do you edit your movies on black ops?
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Can you edit out foul language in wii black ops game?


Why can't I edit game options in Black Ops splitscreen?

it means you don't have online or your black ops is scratched and messed

How do you get enemies on black ops on PS3?

Go to edit game options

How do you edit the rules on black ops splitscreen?

You cant they took That option out of THE game

What are the movies for on black ops zombies?

Nothin its just for an easter egg

How do you make a custom emblum on black ops?

go on player card then go on edit playercard

How do you get gold guns in privite match black ops?

You have to edit game options, choose custom classes edit the classes so you have gold camo.

How do you get the edit game options on Call of Duty Black Ops?

you go to the main menu and select options. Also while your playing you can pause and edit them.

What Call of Duty game is after Call of Duty 6?

right now were on #6 and the next cod franchise game that was declared was by infinity ward so it will be mw3 Edit: It will not be MW3, it's out and called Black Ops. MW3 probably will never be released now that InfinityWard crumbled. edit: black ops and modern warfare 3 are out so hahahahahahahahahahaha Edit: now Black Ops 2 is out, and Call of Duty: Ghosts is out soon!

How do you change your player card on Call of Duty Black Ops?

When at the Multiplayer menu go to Playercard, then Edit Playercard.

How do you edit game options on multiplayer split screen on cod black ops?

You have to have online to be able to dumb asses

How do you record your black ops zombies games?

They are auto recorded. To view and edit them, enter Theater mode from the Zombies menu.