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You can only dye leather armor, when you have a part of leather armor get the dye colour you want move the dye over the armor in your inventory and press X and then you have the armor in the dye colour you wanted. It's that easy!

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Q: How do you dye armor on Minecraft Xbox edition?
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Can you dye leather armor in pocket edition minecraft?


Will you be able to dye things like wood and armor in the next update for Minecraft Xbox 360 edition?

i dont now if there is going to be that kind of stuff in the next update

What can you dye in minecraft?

Dye is most commonly used to colour capes, but they are also used in several quests.

How do you get rose red in minecraft pocket edition?

Since pocket edition doesn't have red flowers for some dumb reason, you have to smelt red mushrooms. I recommend farming the mushrooms if you want to make lots of dye.

Were do you find orange armor in runescape?

Take a piece of armor and use an orange dye on it.

How do you get pink dye in minecraft?

rose red dye and bonemeal

What do you do with lapiz lazuli in Minecraft?

You can craft things with Lapis like: A Lapis Lazuli block, light blue dye, cyan dye, purple dye, magenta dye and blue wool. You can check out Minecraft Wiki for some help and tips.

Can you dye your armor in assassin's creed revelations?

No, only your clothes

Can you dye Altair' s armor in Assassins Creed 2?


What can craft with dye in mine craft?

You can only dye sheep in minecraft. This is done by getting either a dye such as a pink die or a natural dye such as an inc sak and right clicking the sheeps body, this will change its color.

What are uses for dye in minecraft?

For colouring wool blocks.

Can you name your dog on minecraft?

No, but you can dye it's collar