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You do not download the disc to harddrive you must purchase the game at the PlayStation Store as a download to download the game to harddrive

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Q: How do you download ps3 game to harddrive?
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When you download a game from the PlayStation store and install it where does it go?

It is kept on you PS3 harddrive . You look under your games to find and play it

How do you get music from PS3 to blackberry?

USB connection to the blackberry then download from your music off PS3 harddrive

Where can you get 3.50 patched PS3 file?

You can download it from the PlayStation network if you mean update 3.50 to the PS3. You can also download PS3 software from there if you have replaced your harddrive

How do you download dragoballz on PlayStation network?

Games are purchased at the PlayStation Store and downloaded into the PS3 harddrive. You check the PlayStation store and if the game is there purchase and download it. You must have an internet connection to download

Can you play an add-on on a different account on the same ps3?

You can download one or access one that is in the PS3 harddrive

How do you get stuff off your flashdrive and onto your ps3?

Use the USB port to download onto the PS3 harddrive

How do you play a game bought off of the PS3?

It should be saved on your PS3's harddrive.

Can you able to save games to PS3?

Yes you can save games and you can download games from the PlayStation store and store them on the PS3 harddrive

What on PS3 is worth GB's?

GB's refer to the size of the PS3 harddrive and factory produced models come with a game and a 320 GB harddrive for under $300

Is there a way to get ps3 games off the internet and put them on a usb drive?

It will not do any good. The PS3 USB port will not allow the items to download into the games files of the harddrive. So you could not play them in your PS3 after you downloaded and transferred them to your harddrive. The PS3 is designed to prevent internet piracy and getting a download off the internet to play in your PS3 is piracy.So is trying to copy the game on another disc whether you purchased and kept the original game or have just rented or borrowed the game it is still copyright theft.

Can't Download Games From PlayStation Store PC?

No you can not. If you could it would be possible to just download to the PC harddrive and go into business selling copies of the game or DLC to anyone who wanted it for there PS3 or PSP

How do you download PS3 games from PS3?

The PS3 must download games exclusively from the Playstation Store. Once downloaded they can not be downloaded from the PS3 harddrive thru the USB port. PSP games purchased at the Playstation Store can be stored on the PS3 and played on the PSP