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first go to Google or Yahoo and put whatever pics you want then you right click and press save picture as then you go to your pictures in your computer plug in your psp in usb then go to psp then PHOTO and drag picture from computer to the folder PHOTO and that's it.

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Q: How do you download pictures to PSP?
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Can you download pictures off the internet on to your psp?

Yeah you can!

If you download pictures and music on your psp from your PC will you get a virus?

no not to my knowledge

How do you download PSP wallpaper from my PC to my PSP with?

you just have to go in pictures on your PC connect your psp to youre PC go on your psp in picture and copy it from the PC to the psp

Where can you find slipknot psp themes?

You can download pictures off of the Internet and set them as your background.

How do you put pictures on a psp?

how to put pictures on a psp????

How do you send pictures to your PSP?

There are three ways to get pictures on your PSP: 1. You can have someone send it to you through wireless. 2. You can hook up your PSP to your computer via USB cable, and find a picture, copy it, find your PSP on your computer, click on pictures and paste it. 3. You can download the pictures directly from your PSP internet connection by finding a picture, hover the mouse over the picture, press triangle, go to file, and finally click save image.

How do you download songs on your PSP?

to download songs on your psp you connect it to a pc,psp

Where can one download PSP demos?

PSP demos can be downloaded through the store on your PSP or you can download it on our computer than transfer the game onto your PSP. You can also download it through a website on your PSP.

How do you put a PSP on?

how to put pictures on a psp????

What web can you get a download in your psp?

only a spider web can get a download in a psp

How do you download something on a psp?

When you are browsing the internet, pictures can be downloaded to memory stick from the page options. Also, if your firmware is updated fully, you can download things from the Playstation Network.

Can you download a game on your PSP by installing it from your computer onto your PSP?

No, you download them straight from the PSN using the PSP.