What are PSP torrents?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A torrent is a file that you download that links you to other peers who are sharing it, to download the file the torrent specifies.

To download a torrent, you need a client such as utorrent.

A psp torrent I am assuming is a .torrent file used to download psp games.

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Q: What are PSP torrents?
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How do you work torrents on psp go?

Im sorry but... YOU CAN'T!! I wish that pas a possbility but Sony made the PSP Go unhackable (its true) so unless you completely remove THEIR software then no sorry.

How do you download and crack copied PSP video games?

Go onto torrent sites like Mininova and pirate bay. Some torrents may have viruses like spyware in them so look for torrents with good comments on them!

How does someone download a PSP torrent?

PSP torrents can be downloaded like any other file. To open these files however, one needs a torrent program like LimeWire in order to access the contents of the files.

How is your psp center legal I know psp blender is a scam and bit torrents but from what i read psp center is pretty good. any one have anything to say about it -thanks?

It is not good all they'll say is to download torrent and get the games from website. So you can't download exactly download from psp center so it's not good at all!

How do you create torrents?

How do you create torrents?

Why are the games i am downloading off of my PSP Blender turning out to be corrupt when i put them on my PSP?

You need custom FirmWare on your PSP to play iso files. PspBlender is kind of a scam. It just locates torrents for you. This is something you could do yourself. If you already have custom firmware, then there shouldn't be a problem. For help on putting custom firmware on your PSP, check some of the tutorials on, and Dark Alex's website

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Are wmv torrents torrents harmful?

Many are not harmful, but wmv content in torrents has the highest percentage of fakes and malware. Best to avoid wmv torrents.

Why do you have to seed torrents?

You don't have to seed torrents, but seeding torrents helps others to download the torrent quicker

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